Candidate Declaration

    Equal Opportunities Statement

    The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all work seekers and shall adhere to such a policy at all times and will review on an ongoing basis on all aspects of recruitment to avoid unlawful or undesirable discrimination. We will treat everyone equally irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, political beliefs or membership or non-membership of a Trade Union and we place an obligation upon all staff to respect and act in accordance with the policy.

    The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd shall not discriminate unlawfully when deciding which candidate/temporary worker is submitted for a vacancy or assignment, or in any terms of employment or terms of engagement for temporary workers. The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd will ensure that each candidate is assessed only in accordance with the candidate’s merits, qualification and ability to perform the relevant duties required by the particular vacancy.

    Criminal Convictions

    If you would like to read our policy regarding candidates with criminal convictions then please let us know.

    We are asking you to complete this form in relation to job roles which are not exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. For this reason you are only required to disclose information about unspent convictions. You are not required to disclose spent convictions on this form.

    Additionally, you are not required to declare any information about ‘protected’ offences – (offences to which the filtering rules apply). If you are unsure as to whether a conviction is unspent/spent or protected (filtered) please see the additional guidance or you can contact organisations such as NACRO or Unlock for further information

    If you wish to be put forward for/if any role is identified which may be suitable for you but which is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, meaning that you are required to disclose spent convictions, we will ask you to complete an additional criminal disclosure form. You are not required complete that additional form if you do not wish to be put forward for that type of work. (If yes, please provide the offence dates, dates of conviction/caution, offence types and sentences separately).You are not required to provide any information about protected (filtered) offences. If you have declared any convictions you are welcome to provide us with any additional information that you think may be relevant and which will help us to determine your suitability to be put forward for roles with our clients. This could include for example information about the circumstances of the offence, any work (paid or voluntary) or training that you have undertaken since, change in your circumstances etc. We will seek to put forward/supply the best possible candidates to our clients. Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily exclude you from the process.The information given will be treated in the strictest of confidence and only taken into account where, in our reasonable opinion, the offence is relevant to the post to which you are applying. Failure to declare a conviction may require us to exclude you from our register if the offence is not declared but later comes to light. If you are working in an assignment with a client at the time that we are made aware of a conviction that have not disclosed to us, we may be legally required to inform our client of that information and your assignment may be terminated.

    Permission to work in the UK.

    In line with Home Office guidance on the prevention of illegal working we will need to verify and take a copy of your original ID documentation as evidence of your right to work in the UK if you are to be engaged by The Recruitment Consultancy for temporary work.

    Health and Disability

    The following questions on health and disability are asked in order to find out your needs in terms of reasonable adjustments to access our recruitment service and to find out your needs in order to perform the job or position sought.

    Data Protection Statement

    The Recruitment Consultancy provides work-finding services to its clients and work-seekers. We must process personal data (including sensitive personal data) so that we can provide these services – in doing so, we act as a data controller. This is why we have asked for your personal data on this form. When we process your personal data we must do so in accordance with data protection laws. Those laws require us to give you a Privacy Statement to explain how we manage your personal data. Please see the Privacy policy which is on our website.

    Candidate Declaration

    I hereby confirm that the information given is true and correct and that the IT evaluation scores on this form were completed by myself. I consent to my personal data, CV and references being included on a computerised database and to its use in order to secure me permanent employment/temporary assignments/contracts. I consent to my CV being forwarded to clients via electronic mail and I understand the risk of my CV being unintentionally altered during this process. I consent to references being passed on to potential employers. I consent that the information on this registration form may be verified and shared with other interested parties as necessary.

    If during the course of a temporary assignment, the Client wishes to employ me direct, I acknowledge that The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd will be entitled either to charge the client an introduction/transfer fee, or to agree an extension of the hiring period with the Client (after which I may be employed by the Client without further charge being applicable to the Client).

    Permanent Candidates

    Following our meeting we confirm how we are to provide you recruitment services.

    • The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd is to provide you permanent recruitment services that is to say we will act as an agency as defined under The Employment Agencies Act 1973.

    • You authorise The Recruitment Consultancy Ltd to seek work on your behalf.

    • In our recent meeting/telephone conversation you informed us that you wish us to seek employment within the a certain field or a specific job area . Please specify below.

    Your Details

    Emergency Contact Details