Diversity and inclusion debate

Date: Wednesday 18th January 2023

Time: 10.00am  to 12.00pm (approx finish time)

Speakers:  Mitesh Sheth (MBE) – CIO, Multi-Asset, Newton Investment Management & Paul Richards – Founder, Better Decisions

We welcome back Mitesh Sheth MBE, who will be partnering with Paul Richards to share insights and practical experience to show how perspectives surrounding D&I can be positively changed using the science of decision-making.

Diversity Inclusion Debate

So, what are the key things that allow us to make a good decision?

1. Informed viewpoints on diversity

2. An inclusive and psychologically safe environment that allows ideas to be brought into the light and openly debated.

In our working lives, we have all seen examples where this doesn’t happen and how it can create bad outcomes for our businesses. This might come from the overbearing individual or teams that are too homogenous to think outside the box or recognise their own shortcomings.  This is something that HR practitioners have to deal with on a daily basis.

The question is whether similar problems might be impacting how we approach D&I in ways that might negatively impact progress. This session will look at lessons from decision science that will help us think about D&I from a different perspective.

When wanting to make changes in your business, there are many things to consider, including: 

  • Viewpoint diversity – when creating D&I committees we may find we have too many diversity ‘advocates/enthusiasts’ or ‘pessimists’, so are we making ourselves ‘structurally stupid’?
  • Psychological Safety  – what does this mean and why is it one of the most important factors?
  • ‘Spiral of Silence’ – a culture that can lead to lukewarm support and unexpected backlash issues.  What is this and why can it create so many issues?
  • Metrics – to manage and measure change, good metrics must be in place,  However, are they realistic and do they capture progress on long-term change?
  • The role of advocates and advisers – who should they be and what is the balance?

Ultimately, Mitesh and Paul will be sharing their knowledge to help us learn to make good decisions when tackling difficult D&I issues.  As we know, the main collective goal when challenged with any D&I issues is to ensure a positive outcome is reached for all parties.

We anticipate that this seminar will be extremely popular, so early booking is recommended.

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