HR: Are we handling the bad banter?

Date: Wednesday 8th June 2022

Time: 9.30am to 11am (approx end time)

Speaker: Stella Chandler, Focal Point Training & Consultancy

Recent headlines around inappropriate behaviour have pointed the finger at HR, suggesting we are not doing enough or, even worse, perpetuating the inappropriate banter…we only have to look at the EY sexual harassment case last year or the accusations levelled at the HR Director at Sellafield…

So, what do we do to combat the criticism and ensure we are leading from the front?

Join us to be part of this unique opportunity to be part of a facilitated session to honestly discuss the challenges of getting our own HR teams in order and then using them as a platform for leading change in our organisations.

During the session, we will be looking to discuss these 4 key questions:

  • How do we manage any inappropriate banter in our own HR team?  Is it time to take a good long look at ourselves?
  • How do we ensure the humour and banter in our organisations stays on the right side of “the line”?
  • How do we handle concerns or complaints that are raised in this area?  Are we taking them seriously enough?
  • How do we know if we are doing the right things to create a truly positive and inclusive environment?

Led by Stella Chandler of Focal Point Training & Consultancy, specialists in managing and preventing inappropriate behaviour at work, this session will be bound by the Chatham House Rule to ensure open and honest dialogue is created in a safe environment.

Stella has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach at every level in a wide range of organisations, including government departments, private sector and not-for-profit organisations. She draws from a wealth of experience including 15 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, where she was the first civilian HR and Training Manager, and 3 years in the Internal Conduct and Efficiency Branch investigating the full range of misconduct and performance issues.

As a fellow of the CIPD, Stella founded Focal Point Training & Consultancy in 2001 to specialise in helping organisations tackle inappropriate behaviour at work.

Numbers are strictly limited for this interactive workshop, so early booking is highly recommended

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