Community Laptop Appeal

As we know, the education of all our children has been heavily disrupted during this pandemic, some more than others.  We would like your help to continue making a difference to those school children most in need.

Last year, we supplied over 40 new and used laptops to underprivileged children and we couldn’t have done it without the generosity of those who donated.

Although schools have reopened, the need to access education online is still great.  Can you help?

Donating new or used laptops

To donate, please call 07787 552145 or 01483 456465  


If you, or your business, can donate any new/used laptops I would love to hear from you.

We will take care of all collections, distribution and administration.  Steve Jackson, MD of Commpoint IT, will set up the laptops, ready for use and will wipe all of your personal data. (Thank you to Steve, who is donating all of his time and expertise for free).

If you would rather erase it yourself, this National Cyper Security Centre link may help:  

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Fundraising for new laptops

To contribute, please click on the JustGiving logo below.  

I recognise that not everyone has a spare laptop to donate, so we have set up a fundraising page to buy new laptops.

The effectiveness of this fundraising is boosted by the generosity of Commpoint IT and educational charity, Walton Charity:

* Steve Jackson, MD of Commpoint IT can buy new laptops at cost price and then set them up ready for immediate use. 

* For every new laptop we buy, Walton Charity will match our donation and supply another for free (making this route even more effective).

Every donation, large or small, will help us to make a big difference.

Just Giving Laptop Appeal

The story so far

At the beginning of the first lockdown last year, after listening to a report about how so many disadvantaged school children were falling behind with their education, I decided we had to help.  So we collaborated with Commpoint Ltd, our IT support company, to appeal for donations of new and used laptops. 

We collected, wiped and set-up all the donated laptops and quickly distributed them to those children most in need.  Additionally, we raised funds to buy new laptops and for every one that we bought, another was very generously donated by an educational charity, Walton Charity.

The initiative worked brilliantly and we successfully supplied over 40 laptops last year.  Even with the easing of lockdown and the reopening of schools, we are still busy collecting laptops.  The need for children to be able to access their school work online is still great,  as this will ensure they keep on top of their education.

Our aim is to supply at least another 100 laptops – let’s see how quickly we can do this!

As a business owner and an individual, I really do appreciate cash is tight for everyone right now. If you are unable to donate, please don’t worry, you can still do your bit by sharing our links with anyone you know.

You really will be helping to make a difference for these children. Every single £1 or laptop donated, will help us reach our target. We need to act fast – every day is a day further behind in their education.

I hope all of you and your families are staying safe and well. Thank you in advance for anything that you can do to help us support this very deserving cause.

Best wishes

Sharon Ellis a director at The Recruitment Consultancy Guildford

Sharon Ellis FIRP

Chair & Founder -The Surrey & Sussex HR Forum
Managing Director- The Recruitment Consultancy