Michael Cole | Partner | Penningtons Manches Coopers LLP

Do you need more information on how the Furlough Scheme will be run down or how to deal with issues around redundancies? The Surrey HR Forum and Mike Cole from Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP recently hosted an online event with updates about the “thorny issues” of the Furlough scheme and how it will be run down.

The government is encouraging those who cannot work from home, to return to work, but this does not mean the Furlough scheme has ended. The Furlough scheme will remain the same until the end of July and has been extended until the end of October. But from 1st August the Chancellor has announced that employers will have to contribute to the cost.

Facts for Employers - coming out of Furlough

Areas that Mike covers in his presentation are:

  • Flexible Furlough
  • How do we end the Furlough?
  • Reducing Costs
  • Redundancies including unfair dismissal and protective awards
  • Changing contract terms
  • Holidays
  • Vulnerable Employees

Mike Cole’s Presentation, Thorny issues as we come out of lockdown can be downloaded here as well as resources on Furlough Leave FAQ’s and Flexible Furlough and what you need to know.

View ‘Furlough Leave FAQs for Employers’ here.

View the ‘Flexible Fulough – what you need to know’ announcement here.

View and download the full presentation slides (pdf) here >>