The key ingredients for supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Date: Wednesday 6th July 2022

Time: 9.30am to 10.15am (approx end time)

Speaker: Jennifer Clay, Head of Partnerships and Engagement, Oakleaf Enterprises

Thankfully, we are all much more aware of mental ill-health and recognise the importance of looking after our own well-being.  However, do we know the best way to help others, specifically our colleagues at work?

What are the key ingredients required to create a working environment that nurtures support and communication?

This webinar, led by Jennifer Clay, will share practical guidance and recommendations to help you support employee mental health & wellbeing in the workplace.

It will touch on topics such as:

  • stress & burnout
  • empathetic communication
  • reducing stigma and signposting

Jennifer will initially look at the bigger picture by recognising and identifying the existing evidence of any mental ill-health and then discover what ‘best practice’ would look like in any given situation.

From here, Jennifer will briefly delve into the day-to-day and share top tips on how we can all make a positive impact on the mental health of both ourselves and the work colleagues that surround us.

We envisage this session being very popular, so early booking is recommended.

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