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Employee financial wellbeing with Steve Herbert: Support through economic uncertainty

With inflation and the cost of living rising at a rate of knots, more and more of us are being affected adversely by the impact that this is having on our daily lives. The cost of living is increasing, but the majority of salaries are not increasing at the same rate. Even with a 5% salary increase that may have been given back in [...]

Employee onboarding: Everything you need to know

Many businesses invest a great deal in the recruitment process, scouring the market for the best talent and taking measures to ensure they hire the right person for the job, but the process doesn’t end once the offer has been accepted - far from it, in fact! The final, and often most overlooked, step in the recruitment process is to onboard new employees, ensuring [...]

Complete guide to talent acquisition

Talent acquisition is a critical function in any organisation, and companies that don’t invest in their talent acquisition strategy risk missing out on key opportunities to grow and seize market share. It is a function that can have a major impact on the bottom line, but often gets overlooked. At times when the recruitment market is more difficult, a strategic approach to talent acquisition [...]

How to devise the best hybrid working strategy for your business

Following a turbulent couple of years, many businesses have been forced to adopt new ways of working to accommodate the need for employees to work flexibly. Plenty of focus is placed on employee wellbeing and staff satisfaction, two key arguments for hybrid working, but the advantages of adopting a flexible working model don’t end there. With rising transport costs, energy bills and ever-present time [...]

10 reasons why a recruitment agency is important in the hiring process

Today’s recruitment market is ever-changing and possess a plethora of challenges for companies looking to hire new staff. While some organisations choose to keep their recruitment processes fully in-house, increasingly more employers are opting to outsource to find the right talent. Not sure whether a recruitment agency will benefit your business? Here are 10 reasons why utilising the expertise of an agency could make [...]

10 benefits of hiring a diverse workforce

In today’s world, it’s increasingly important for companies to champion diversity in order to succeed. Far from being a passing phenomenon, diversity is something that businesses must learn to embed within their culture to sustain success in the future. In addition to the unequivocal social and cultural benefits, there are also plenty of financial incentives for businesses to hire a diverse workforce. What is [...]

Menopause in the workplace: What your business should be doing

How menopause-friendly is your business and why should it matter? Following a highly informative webinar hosted by The Surrey & Sussex HR Forum with Sharon Vibert, Director of Henpicked, Menopause in the Workplace, it became highly evident to our HR Forum members, just how essential it is for everyone working within human resources to take menopause out of the shadows and to encourage constructive [...]

Webinar – Employment law update – April 2022

If you are a business owner or HR professional, it is imperative that you stay ahead of any changes so that you can effectively manage your workforce, but sometimes this can feel difficult when you’re already busy running your business. Our employment law specialist, Mike Cole will be hosting this session, where he will look at the predicted key changes within the law that we can expect within the coming year.

Hybrid working is here to stay, but how robust is your home working policy?

Engaging, reflective, highly practical and full of ‘light bulb moments’ are the phrases that have been used to describe the webinar “Blurred Boundaries and Burnout – the challenges of a new flexible working world” hosted by Steve Herbert, Head of Benefits Strategy, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing for members of The Surrey & Sussex HR Forum. The flexible world of working Aptly held on [...]

Webinar – Menopause in the workplace – March 2022

Join us to understand how creating a menopause friendly environment at work can have a huge impact on the welfare of employees by reducing absenteeism and creating a culture where menopause is easily discussed and becomes a recognised part of everyday life.

How to choose the right recruitment agency in 2022

Recruitment agencies can be integral to your business’ success. Without the right people in the right positions, it is impossible to run any organisation successfully. The right recruitment agency helps to ensure you have the most qualified and suitable candidates for any vacancy. As well as adding quality to your talent pool, finding a great recruitment agency can also streamline your hiring processes and [...]

Webinar – Blurred boundaries and burnout – February 2022

Is hybrid working good or bad news for employee engagement, worker wellbeing, employer productivity, and that all-important bottom line? Where does the employer’s duty of care for workers begin and end in this brave new working world? Join Steve Herbert, our employee wellbeing specialist, to find out more about these prominent issues.

Webinar – Diversity and inclusion – January 2022

We are delighted to welcome back Mitesh Sheth MBE, a firm HR Forum favourite, as he looks at the nuts and bolts of diversity and inclusion and how, as organisations, we need to rethink our approach beyond bias training, whilst creating a safe space for our employees. With his personal experience, hands-on approach along with with his mantra of 'less talk and more action', this promises to be an insightful session.

A guide to hiring temporary staff in the holiday periods

For anyone working in human resources, or in a position where the hiring of employees falls squarely in their lap, planning for typical holiday times, such as Christmas, Summer and Easter can bring a slight feeling of discomfort (or mild dread), especially in today’s climate. Depending on the sector of your business, the peaks and troughs of demand will be different, but undoubtedly, during [...]

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