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Why work with permanent recruitment agencies

Recruitment can be a tough game, and finding the perfect candidate for a specific job can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Fortunately, permanent agencies can help businesses save time and energy by tracking down the ideal candidates. As the name suggests, permanent recruitment agencies are recruitment specialists who focus on providing employers with expertise in finding qualified candidates to fill long-term or permanent [...]

Why work with finance recruitment agencies

As any business owner will know, recruiting for finance roles can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Not only do you need to identify the right candidate with the correct skillset, but you also need to ensure that they have the qualifications, experience and cultural fit necessary for your business. Working with a finance recruitment agency is one way of making this process easier [...]

Recruitment Trends 2023

Understanding the direction recruitment is moving in is vital to ensure your strategies and approaches to hiring are in line with candidate expectations. From accepting remote technologies to exploring the use of AI in recruitment and embracing the shift towards a candidate-first market, we’re exploring some of the key trends in recruitment below. Candidate experience matters It is widely recognised that the current job [...]

AI in recruitment: It can help, but cannot replace humans

2023 is shaping up to be the year where artificial intelligence (AI) dominates many aspects of our lives. With tools like ChatGPT taking over, it’s understandable that people are questioning the role AI may play in the future of their life and work. The Oxford Study, one of the most commonly shared reports into AI in the workplace, found 47% of total US employment [...]

Government Call for Industry Input on Umbrella Consultation

The latest government consultation, ending on 29th August 2023, has advised on new changes to tackle tax non-compliance in the umbrella sector. Today, we take a closer look at the impact this will have on the umbrella company market and employment businesses, and how new legislation could help to transform employment rights. What are Umbrella Companies? Before discussing the governments bid to adopt a [...]

Diversity & Inclusion – driving positive outcomes with behavioural insights

HR and the importance of Diversity & Inclusion Paul Richards, Founder, Better Decisions. Working with many great HR professionals over the years, I know that it’s an important but tough role. You have to oversee talent acquisition and retention, engagement, motivation, performance and well-being. And all of this occurs in a rapidly changing environment with an ever-growing compliance burden. An important area that increases [...]

The economy and financial well-being – supporting your employees through 2023

Let's start at the beginning In early October 2022, Steve Herbert, Wellbeing & Benefits Director for Partners& spoke to an audience of Surrey & Sussex HR Forum members about the UK’s economic outlook, and what that might mean for the financial well-being of their workforce. Unprecedented timing This particular presentation delivery was an extremely challenging one.  The (now infamous) “Mini-Budget” of an embryonic Truss/Kwarteng [...]

What is an HR project manager & how could they benefit my business?

From recruitment, onboarding, and employee performance, a human resources project manager is responsible for overseeing all HR-related projects within an organisation. Their role involves planning, operating, and delivering projects that are designed to improve the HR function in a company. HR project managers can be beneficial to your business due to their deep understanding of all aspects of HR management, their drive to generate [...]

Human Resources – why is it vital for a company’s success in 2023?

The role of an HR department has never been more important as businesses shift to accommodate the growing requests from their employees and stand out from their competitors. In the past, HR was seen as a back-office function, such as payroll and benefits administration, but today it is rapidly evolving into a strategic role that sets the course for how a company runs. Driving [...]

The benefits of managing temporary workers in today’s competitive market

Today’s job market is extremely competitive and tough for recruitment. A survey from the Office of National Statistics, found that there were over 1 million vacancies in the UK between October to December 2022. Despite tech companies laying off employees in the US, it seems like UK recruitment is booming. So, with all this competition between companies for hiring staff, what should you do? [...]

How employers can benefit from the different types of temporary employment options

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes as a business you just need an extra pair of hands especially during busy periods or times when there’s a lack of resource. During times like these, temporary employment is key to success; with professionals coming in quickly to help your business stay on track it can be the be all and end all. From last-minute support to [...]

How to grow and protect your employer brand

A study from LinkedIn found that companies with a strong employer brand are twice as likely to achieve positive job considerations compared to companies with a weak employer brand. As we are well aware, since the pandemic, people are viewing work to be more than just a salary and they want to work with a company that places a strong emphasis on their brand [...]

Employee financial wellbeing with Steve Herbert: Support through economic uncertainty

With inflation and the cost of living rising at a rate of knots, more and more of us are being affected adversely by the impact that this is having on our daily lives. The cost of living is increasing, but the majority of salaries are not increasing at the same rate. Even with a 5% salary increase that may have been given back in [...]

Employee onboarding: Everything you need to know

Many businesses invest a great deal in the recruitment process, scouring the market for the best talent and taking measures to ensure they hire the right person for the job, but the process doesn’t end once the offer has been accepted - far from it, in fact! The final, and often most overlooked, step in the recruitment process is to onboard new employees, ensuring [...]

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