A New Deal for Working People – a new era for employment law.

We look at some of the key employment law reforms outlined in Labour’s New Deal for Working People. Our latest blog looks at a few of the proposed changes, including bans on zero-hour contracts and enhanced protections against unfair dismissal. Understand the benefits and challenges for both workers and employers. Join our HR forum to keep informed.

Embracing diversity: recruiting and managing a diverse workforce

Unlock powerful strategies for managing ADHD, menopause, and mental health in the workplace. Transform your HR practices to create a supportive, inclusive, and high-performing work environment with insights from leading experts.

Recruiting the future workforce: Recognising and nurturing Gen Z talent for success

Generation Z, or Gen Z, currently accounts for about 2 billion of the world’s population and is expected to represent 27 per cent [...]

Unlocking success: Harnessing the power of gender diversity in business

Recognising the unquestionable benefits of gender diversity in business. In today's fast-paced business landscape, it's encouraging to see so many companies recognising and [...]

Handling employee absence: Smart planning to minimise disruption

The inevitable curve balls Post New Year’s and most HR managers will be gearing up for the time of year that tends to [...]

The National Living Wage – why employers may feel their pockets are being picked

Picking the employer’s pocket? Why the latest increase in the National Living Wage is a new challenge for so many employers. The unreformed [...]

Transform your hiring strategy: The benefits of partnering with permanent recruitment agencies

Recruitment can be a tough game, and finding the perfect candidate for a specific job can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Fortunately, [...]

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