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Webinar – Menopause in the workplace – March 2022

Join us to understand how creating a menopause friendly environment at work can have a huge impact on the welfare of employees by reducing absenteeism and creating a culture where menopause is easily discussed and becomes a recognised part of everyday life.

How to choose the right recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies can be integral to your business’ success. Without the right people in the right positions, it is impossible to run any organisation successfully. The right recruitment agency helps to ensure you have the most qualified and suitable candidates for any vacancy. As well as adding quality to your talent pool, finding a great recruitment agency can also streamline your hiring processes and [...]

Webinar – Blurred boundaries and burnout – February 2022

Is hybrid working good or bad news for employee engagement, worker wellbeing, employer productivity, and that all-important bottom line? Where does the employer’s duty of care for workers begin and end in this brave new working world? Join Steve Herbert, our employee wellbeing specialist, to find out more about these prominent issues.

Webinar – Diversity and inclusion – January 2022

We are delighted to welcome back Mitesh Sheth MBE, a firm HR Forum favourite, as he looks at the nuts and bolts of diversity and inclusion and how, as organisations, we need to rethink our approach beyond bias training, whilst creating a safe space for our employees. With his personal experience, hands-on approach along with with his mantra of 'less talk and more action', this promises to be an insightful session.

A guide to hiring temporary staff in the holiday periods

For anyone working in human resources, or in a position where the hiring of employees falls squarely in their lap, planning for typical holiday times, such as Christmas, Summer and Easter can bring a slight feeling of discomfort (or mild dread), especially in today’s climate. Depending on the sector of your business, the peaks and troughs of demand will be different, but undoubtedly, during [...]

What is flexible working & how employers can manage flexible working requests

Established in 2018 and now extended through until next year, the Government’s task force, aptly named the Flexible Working Task Force has been working on a proposal, which is now open for consultation. In light of the pandemic and what has been learnt, they propose that employees have the right to ask to work flexibly from day one of employment (currently this stands at [...]

Webinar – Employment law update – April 2021

Mike Cole, Partner at Penningtons Manches LLP, will share a comprehensive update to help us be ready for our return to the workplace, along with a summary and review of new case law and changes in legislation.

Stigma surrounding mental health – Oakleaf Enterprise

The current pandemic has highlighted just how widespread mental health issues are today, and as a result, mental health is being addressed on a much larger scale. But due to the stigma associated with mental illness, a lack of awareness, and limited access to professional help, mental health still remains a taboo subject.

Webinar – Supporting mental ill-health – Thursday 18th March 2021

Date: Thursday 18th March 2021 Time: 10:00am – 11:00am (approx finish time) Speaker:  Katie Buckingham, Founder of Altruist Enterprises We all know that mental ill-health is on the increase and is continuing to be a growing concern, particularly in the workplace.  But, how would you recognise it?  How would you broach the subject with someone, who may not even recognise it themselves and what is the [...]

Laptop donation appeal – thank you from Durrington High School

A lovely message of thanks from one of the schools that have received donations from our Laptop Donation Appeal. We are still collecting laptops for underprivileged children as the need to access their online schooling is as great as ever.

Webinar – End of the Beginning. Tuesday 16th February 2021

Steve Herbert from Howden Employee Benefits, one of the Surrey HR Forum’s most popular speakers, will take a pragmatic and engaging look at past and current events, in a bid to identify how Human Resources professionals can learn from this crisis. Importantly, he will explore how we can implement workplaces that are more resilient to COVID-19 and other potential infections in the future. A fast-paced [...]

Urgent Appeal – Community Laptop Donation

Do you have any used/new laptops you could donate to our urgent appeal? We are restarting our campaign to supply laptops to those children most in need during this current lockdown. To date, we have given 40 laptops to underprivileged children who are falling behind with their education, with more being refurbished right now. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and to [...]

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