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From recruitment, onboarding, and employee performance, a human resources project manager is responsible for overseeing all HR-related projects within an organisation. Their role involves planning, operating, and delivering projects that are designed to improve the HR function in a company. HR project managers can be beneficial to your business due to their deep understanding of all aspects of HR management, their drive to generate positive outcomes, and implementing efficient practices for your company and employees. This blog will explain the responsibilities of an HR project manager and how they can benefit your business and employees.

What does the role of an HR project manager entail?

As well as overseeing the implementation of proposed practices that the company has adopted after initial reviews, HR project managers are continually adapting current policies to meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce. From shifting from office to hybrid working and adapting to cultural changes within the organisation, your HR project manager will ensure all operations run smoothly and liaise with internal and external collaborators. We have detailed a few of the responsibilities HR project managers undertake within a business like yours.

Plan and supervise all HR processes

HR project managers plan, organise, allocate, and handle all company resources to accomplish valuable tasks and keep businesses running in line with government policies and procedures. By overseeing company and employee reviews they can then utilise their expertise in developing resource plans, acquiring the necessary project resources, working with internal and external collaborators, overseeing the developing project team, and managing budgets.

Keep business operations running smoothly

HR project managers enable continuous communication throughout your business. By liaising between team members from different departments as well as department managers to ensure project tasks are implemented effectively, HR project managers will coach, assist, and adapt communication across all teams to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Showcase interdisciplinary skills

Your HR project manager will wear many hats to ensure business operations run efficiently, as well as constructing and overseeing strategies and projects. They will have a very high standard set of skills in:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Timekeeping
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Team development
  • Task management
  • Technical skills
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership

From initiation and planning to execution, controlling and closing projects, having a range of skills is necessary for the effective and efficient operation of successful projects.

How can they benefit your business?

From handling projects to developing workplace culture initiatives, HR project management offers a professional, organisational approach that can greatly benefit your business. Other benefits of hiring a human resources project manager include:

Improve recruitment and onboarding processes

HR project managers ensure that the recruitment and onboarding of new employees run efficiently for both the new employee and the hiring company. They successfully execute this process while also upholding the legal aspects of hiring at all times, including equality and diversity.

Effective HR project management can inspire functioning recruitment programmes, which not only increase the volume of well-suited applicants but will also personalise the programmes for employee onboarding. Your organisation cannot overlook the importance of an effective and well-planned employee onboarding process. HR project managers will ensure direct contact is established frequently with all new staff to ensure they know what to expect during their first week. This contact can speed up the onboarding process, as new employees will be aware of the relevant documents required, their roles and responsibilities, and company policies and values ahead of time. By carrying out these processes and setting up the right training, new employees will be better equipped to perform, which can help the HR project manager to utilise employee skills across the company.

This level of organisation and professionalism ensures new employees are recruited for the skills the company desires and are integrated into the business in an effective and timely manner, saving your business valuable time and money.

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Increase staff retention

Taking onboard employee feedback, HR project managers will implement strategies and policies to increase retention and enhance employee well-being across your organisation. Employee wellbeing programmes are an influential factor when it comes to staff retention, as they can successfully prevent quiet quitting, protect employees’ rights, reduce attrition rates, and boost employee morale. HR project managers are essential in helping your employees feel appreciated and valued within your company.

Improve all-round productivity

Employee well-being programmes have also been shown to increase staff productivity. By engaging them in welfare programmes and proactively acting on feedback to ensure employees feel listened to, HR project managers can ensure employees stay focused and proficient at work.

As well as employee wellbeing programmes, your HR project manager can develop effective processes to monitor and track employees’ workloads. This not only helps employees manage their time better and increase productivity, but it also ensures employees are not under-challenged with their workload, decreasing the chance of stress-related absences.

For increased productivity across your company, HR project managers will work towards employee and company-related goals consistently, as well as ensuring they are ethical and fair. They will actively research, evaluate, and analyse all of the business and employees’ needs and processes that could potentially impact daily operations. With this collection of data, they will create reports summarising financial data, highlighting business needs, and recommending effective strategies to keep the business and employees as productive as possible.

Be a brand asset

HR project managers not only work in coordination with your company’s employees but also with any outside stakeholders, including business leads, government legislation officials, and technical teams. By reviewing feedback and building trust while facilitating the delivery of all projects, HR project managers can positively influence how outside distributors and employees view your business. Furthermore, your HR project manager will be directly involved in the budgeting of all projects and will effectively find the resources needed, delegate tasks, and communicate internally and externally while meeting high-quality standards to ensure the project stays on course and is completed within its deadline.

If your business can demonstrate effective time management when completing projects while also keeping within budget, you will be at the forefront of other stakeholders’ and project managers’ minds. This will give you more consideration when collaborating on future projects.

Oversee business risk management

A crucial element for business and project success is high diligence when it comes to risk assessments. HR project managers will carry out an in-depth risk assessment to identify, assess, execute, and control potential risks. These risks will be re-evaluated throughout the project lifecycle, keeping your business, employees, and projects safe. If your project manager does identify a potential problem, they will implement a risk mitigation strategy to keep the project moving in the right direction and within its deadline.

Hiring effective HR project management is essential for HR teams to work alongside your company, successfully carry out company initiatives, and achieve your business goals. An HR project manager will increase efficiency, reduce costs, keep stakeholders communicating, and ensure that everyone involved in projects and your business is on the same page.

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