Embracing diversity: recruiting and managing a diverse workforce

Unlock powerful strategies for managing ADHD, menopause, and mental health in the workplace. Transform your HR practices to create a supportive, inclusive, and high-performing work environment with insights from leading experts.

Unlocking success: Harnessing the power of gender diversity in business

Recognising the unquestionable benefits of gender diversity in business. In today's fast-paced business landscape, it's encouraging to see so many companies recognising and [...]

Diversity & Inclusion – driving positive outcomes with behavioural insights

HR and the importance of Diversity & Inclusion Paul Richards, Founder, Better Decisions. Working with many great HR professionals over the years, I [...]

The economy and financial well-being – supporting your employees through 2023

Let's start at the beginning In early October 2022, Steve Herbert, Wellbeing & Benefits Director for Partners& spoke to an audience of Surrey [...]

What is an HR project manager & how could they benefit my business?

From recruitment, onboarding, and employee performance, a human resources project manager is responsible for overseeing all HR-related projects within an organisation. Their role [...]

Human Resources – why is it vital for a company’s success in 2023?

The role of an HR department has never been more important as businesses shift to accommodate the growing requests from their employees and [...]

The benefits of managing temporary workers in today’s competitive market

Today’s job market is extremely competitive and tough for recruitment. A survey from the Office of National Statistics, found that there were over [...]

How employers can benefit from the different types of temporary employment options

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes as a business you just need an extra pair of hands especially during busy periods or times [...]

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